Leisure and surrounding area

In the heart of a region that has been characterized by myths and legends, on top of the Hunsrück, between the rivers Rhein and Mosel, there you find the Hotel & Restaurant Klinkner. We all know the adventures of the infamous Schinderhannes who lived in the forests of the Hunsrück and was up to no good, or the sad myth of the singing Loreley who ruined the boatsmen on the Rhein. Fantastic landscapes, varying hiking trails and two of the best wine-growing areas in Germany meet right here.

Our leisure time tip:

WanderMagazin (a hiking journal) awarded the „Traumschleife Murscher Eselsche“  as the 4th most beautiful hiking trail of 2013. Enjoy this 10,8 km long hiking trail with an average difficulty with 84 experience sites, an altitude of 385 meters for yourself.



Known for its wild and vast landscape with pristine forests, the Hunsrück is a paradise for hikers, cyclists and lovers of nature. The varying landscape offers new views, adventurous paths and unique experiences of nature right behind every turn.

Lovers of culture get their money’s worth as well. Whether you follow the trail of the infamous Schinderhannes or visit the castles, palaces and picturesque places in the heart of forests and hills. There are various offers for sporty people: i.e. the Gipfelsteig near Deuselbach gets you on the highest mountain in Rheinland Pfalz. If you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of a wildcat while you’re hiking. A geo-experience path, an open-air pool, a golf course, a natural ice rink and much more awaits you in this unique landscape.


In immediate proximity of Emmelshausen, there are two oft he most beautiful hiking trails of Germany. The RheinBurgenWeg and the Rheinsteig lead you right down the Rhein. Besides these long hiking trails, there are many smaller trails through vineyards, forests and fields and grant you the view of the Rheintal, which is steeped in legends.

Needless to say, the forests of the Hunsrück are not far away: Soonwaldsteig, Saar-Hunsrück-Steig, Keltenweg and Ausoniusweg are just a few of the countless hiking trails that cross this breathtaking natural landscape.

Between the sun-kissed wine terraces alongside the Moselberge are hiking trails like the canyon path Ehrenburg or the Schwalbenstieg next to slate slopes, past vines, castles and wine businesses.

At the Hatzenporter Laysteig, ambitious hikers will not just have the most beautiful views but also an exciting route.


In the immediate surrounding of the Hotel and Restaurant Klinkner are many different cycling trails, which lead through the beautiful landscape and the woods of the Hunsrück.

The most popular one is the “Schinderhannes Radweg” trail, the longest cycling trail in Germany. It starts in Emmelshausen and runs via Kastellaun and Simmern through the Hunsrück.

River Rhein

Many stories, myths and legends from olden times took place at the Rhein. Early in the morning, when wafts of mists rise up the steep towering rock of the Loreley, you can almost hear her sing; the beautiful siren with golden hair, who was fatal for many unlucky skippers. Small picturesque towns line up on both banks of the Rhein. In almost every town you’ll find a small or bigger castle, that you can visit. There are also two of the most famous hiking trails in Germany: the Rheinsteig and the RheinBurgenWeg. This beautiful landscape was honored by the UNESCO as  a World Cultural and Natural Heritage site.

challenging routes, for instance in Boppard or Oberwesel, round out the experience of nature. The beautiful landscape with steep rocks, seemingly inaccessible vineyards, castles, palaces and medieval towns invite with rhenisch hospitality to stay.

River Mosel

Close to Hotel & Restaurant Klinkner ist he bank of the Mosel. The south-bank, where many fabulous types of vines are growing, surrounded by small picturesque villages, is a popular tourist attraction for people who are looking for enjoyment, for romantics, as well as hikers and cyclists.

The most beautiful part of the landscape crosses Hunsrück and Eifel. The lovely scenery offers not just the beautiful nature, but also romantic villages, ancient cultural monuments, castles, bat trips and countless places of interest.