Our menu is constantly changing to offer the very best dishes from locally sourced seasonal produce.

On chosen Sundays we offer a lunch-buffet at EUR 23,50.

Excerpt from our current menu:

From the soup pot

Beef broth

Cream of tomato soup with curry cream

Homemade onion soup

Starters and small dishes

Baked sheep cheese in olive oil, with fresh garlic, hot peppers, olives and baguette

Mild smoked salmon, with “Berner Rosti” (fried grated potatoes) and creamed horseradish

Tomatoes with mozzarella, rocket, balsamic vinegar and olive oil, with baguette

Cold Roast beef, with tartar sauce and fried potatoes

Fettuccine with fine vegetables in light cream sauce with Parmesan shavings

Spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, ruccola salad and parmesan cheese

Tagliatelle with mushroom ragout and parmesan cheese

Multicoloured Salads

Colorful vegetables and lettuce on balsamic dressing
with roasted turkey breast strips

Three ways of goats cheese (gratinated, baked and with nut crust)
with salad and fig dressing

Filet of lamb in a herbed crust
with salad and balsamic dressing and garlic cream

Marinated salmon filet, fried
with salad and cream dressing and mediterranean bits and pieces

Trilogy of marinated pikeperch and codfish filet with shrimps
and salad and honey-mustard-dressing

Fish Dishes

Please check our current offers from the daily menu

For lovers of Schnitzels

Viennese schnitzel with french fries and salad

Mushroom cream schnitzel, french fries and salad

Schnitzel Hawaii au gratin with pineapple and cheese, french fries and salads

Schnitzel Hunsrücker Art with steamed onions, fried egg, fried potatoes and salad

Cordon bleu filled with ham and cheese, with french fries and salads

Cordon bleu Italia filled with tomato, mozzarella cheese and basil, with potato-ruccola-mash and salad

Our classics

Rump steak with herb butter, french fries and salads

Rump steak Charly with fresh steamed onions, mushrooms, french fries and salads

Rump steak in black pepper sauce with green peppercorns in cream with croquettes and salads

Rump steak Garlic with steamed garlic slices, onions, fried potatoes and salads

Rump steak Provence with grilled tomato, beans in bacon and herbed butter, fried potatoes and salad

Rump steak Tyrolean style with glazed tomatoes, onion rings in beer batter, herb butter, served with rösti